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Company Name: Chengdu GodShape Sign Co., Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturer

Main Products: LED Light Box , LED Letters , Trash Can , Parcel Mail Box , Signage Board , Traffic Sign

Export Percentage: 61% - 70%

Year Established: 2007

The 5.1 day is a holiday shared by working people all over the world. On this day, each of our hardworking workers can have a good rest. At the same time, we pay tribute to all the workers who are fighting on the front line and wish the working people around the world a happy holiday. The following is our public holiday time.


Soon after the exhibition ended (the exhibition ended on 4.25), a chain brand customer bought a batch of brand promotional light boxes for the company. It happened that their brand was on display in the exhibition that day (the reason is that we are their brand manufacturer in the southwest region). He watched our products very carefully, inquired about our product information, inquired about our detailed information, and then left. Just yesterday (4.26), we received his order call. Today (4.27), we will sign a payment contract according to the customer's specific requirements and look forward to cooperating with them. At the same time, we are very grateful to our customers for their trust in us.


Welcome new and old customers to participate in the Chengdu Sign Exhibition of Chengdu Godshape Sign Co., Ltd. Exhibition time: April 22-25, 2021, location: Chengdu Century City Convention and Exhibition Center, our booth number is A-045, looking forward to your visit.


Due to market demand, most of our old customers have recently placed orders. The products ordered are trash cans/mailboxes/parcel boxes produced by us. Some of our new customers have also ordered customized trash cans or mailboxes. These customer resources have read our website. We publish physical advertisements to promote cooperation. At the same time, our regular-sized mailboxes and trash cans also produce a large amount of inventory. Friends are welcome to place orders or consult our products, and new customers are also welcome to buy our existing products as samples in our store. We are a logo manufacturer with 15 years of experience and can withstand quality verification and the test of time. The following are our best-selling products in stock:


1. We pay attention to the place where the sign needs to be used, the geographical location, and the environment where the sign is located, and issue a design plan. 2. Considering the corrosion resistance, water resistance, UV resistance, wind resistance, etc. of the logo for outdoor use 3. Due to the consideration of the installation method of identification (such as screw fixing installation, or installation of embedded parts such as welded steel pipe) 4. Consider the maintenance method of the sign and the assembly structure of the luminous sign (such as replacing the power supply of the luminous logo or replacing the lamp of the luminous logo, etc.)


This is a batch of orders from Cambodian customers. After the sample shipment is confirmed in December, by January 15, 2021, the total number of initial mailbox orders is 600 sets. Due to the Chinese New Year, the goods can only enter the warehouse at the end of the month and must wait until Shipment can only be done after the holidays, so the customer decided to add another batch of products. The final order quantity was 703 sets. Today all the goods have been completed. The packaging colleagues are also working hard to complete the last packaging process. It is expected that it will be the latest Delivery time is March 6, 2021. Again, I would like to thank the customers for their support and trust in our products, and hope that we will have more cooperation projects in the future.


Starting in January 2021, we signed a project with a company in Qatar to sort and merge trash bins. The customer asked us to ship at the end of the month. After 15 days of hard work, we completed product packaging and other work on the 27th. Because the contract we signed with the customer is EXW, now we are waiting for the customer to find his designated freight forwarder to pick up the goods at the factory. Customers come to pick up...


At 2:30 pm on January 15, 2021, Chengdu Godshape Sign Co., Ltd. and its overseas sales department held the 2020 summary meeting and 2021 overseas sales plan at the Jiaolong Industrial Park Seaside City Business Conference Hotel. Those who participated in the meeting were Mr. Liu, one of the shareholders of Godshape Sign, Manager Tu, the manager of the production department and workshop, and Manager Yu of the overseas sales department and his members. The meeting mainly reported the total performance completed this year and the performance completion of each sales, as well as the calibration of the sales target in 2021 and the main product sales plan. The whole meeting was carried out in a relaxed division. At the meeting, this year's sales champion received cash awards and delivered speeches on behalf of all sales representatives. The whole meeting lasted for 3 hours, and finally took a group photo and ended the meeting in a pleasant dinner.


This order began to be negotiated on November 3, 2019. At the beginning, we held the customer to negotiate with the price. During the negotiation process, the customer was attracted by another trash can designed by our company, but this trash can is in their The region already has an agent, and through our efforts, we provide customers with different customized trash cans. The customers are also very satisfied. On January 7, 2021, the customer placed an order for us and purchased 144 sets of trash cans. The order quantity is not large, but this is the first time we have met such a cheerful customer in the New Year. The efficiency of placing the order is very fast, and the communication process of the order is very smooth. Thank you very much for the customer's trust in our company.


1. Choose the light box with good quality aluminum profiles, which is light in texture and long in service life; 2. Choose aluminum profile light box, simple shape, convenient installation; 3. Select profile light box. The size of the light box can be customized Today I would like to recommend a product, Aluminum profile round double-sided light box/single-side light box Size: Diameter 300mm/400mm/500mm/600mm/700mm/800mm/900mm/1000mm/1200mm Material:Aluminum frame+Acrylic panel+Aluminum back+removable pedestal from system Technology: painting Large quantities of stock, welcome to consult order


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